Giving for Scholarship – Day 2

Have you started keeping track of your giving with our Scholarship Giving Calendar?

Today is an open day for how much to give.  Going back to Day 1 – “For the love of our Scholarship Recipients make a contribution to the scholarship fund.”

For me, I’m going to count the 12 current Scholarship Girls.

The girls are from all over New York State and attending colleges also all over New York State.  They are majoring in Communications, Nursing, Education, Inclusive Childhood Education, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Surgical Technology, Psychology, Pre-Pharmacy, and Baking and Pastry.  What a variety!

So at 5 cents for each, 12×5=60 cents.  So in two days I’m already setting aside $1.40 towards the scholarship fund.

What about you?  Comment below or on our Facebook page so we can keep a running total the blessings we are accumulating.

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