Giving for Scholarship – Day 20

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“Give 50 cents for each loved one in your immediate family.”


How many people do you have in your house? I think that is how most of us consider the word “immediate” in this sense. 

There are some days I would believe I have twice the number of children than we do, especially when it comes to having to clean up after their imaginative playing. 

For some I know this question also brings a smile to the face or a small pang to the heart. It did for me as well. We have an angel flying in heaven but she is forever counted in my heart as our immediate family. 

We have five girls, one flying high, but five beautiful blessings that have touched and continue to touch our hearts daily. 

I am also blessed that during my recovery my mom is also up. So for me today I’m going to count 7. 

How about you?



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