Giving for Scholarship – Day 21

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“Give 25 cents for each bedroom in your house.”


I remember when we started looking for a house there was the recommendation to go with a starter home. The theory being that we would move when we needed more space as our family expanded. 

We thought we’d only be staying in the area five years but I’m so grateful we did not listen to that advice. 

Fourteen years, five girls, and three jobs later we are still here. Now as I look at homes with the potential of moving I yearn for more bedrooms than the three we have. Especially as we will be even further from family and having a dedicated guest space would be a huge blessing. 

A bedroom represents so much as you age. 

  • A place to sleep as a baby. 
  • A place to play as a child. 
  • A place to be alone, and away from younger siblings, often as a teenager. 

As an adult we often want a sanctuary, peace from the stress of work, away from the kids and a place to connect with ourselves again. 
I dream of setting up a space for connecting on a daily basis. My bible, my notebook, a place for a cup of coffee as I have some quiet time with God. I’m not quite there yet in my walk with you children and our current space of having that set aside space. But I dream of it. 

But I remain grateful for the three bedrooms we do have. It does not give us a lot of space, but God is helping us make it work. 

Can you just imagine the sanctuary that God has prepared for us above? 



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