Giving for Scholarship – Day 23

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“Give 2 cents for each pair of shoes you own.  Our young women love shoes – double your contribution.”


I am barefoot at home as much as possible.  I have noticed, especially since I have stairs, that I am more secure in my footing with bare feet.   When I go out I’m usually putting on a very utilitarian pair, sadly still boots right now with the recent snow…in April.  You have to laugh at spring in New York.

Overall though I have a love/hate relationship with shoes.  I love cute shoes.  I love the look of heels.  I could see how I could so be a shoe person.  But I physically cannot wear most styles.  I have a very high arch.  A friend once did not believe me, and said shopping for shoes could never be that much of a chore and determinedly took me shoe shopping.

Well let’s say it was a bit of a failure.

She tried on pair after pair.  I admired pair after pair.  Once she saw how high my arch sat off of the fifth pair of heeled shoes that I had admired so much, she finally gave up and admitted that I cannot walk into a store and buy just any pair.  In fact in the stores that we  went to there was not a single pair that fit.

But I know I am blessed.  I have shoes to wear.  I have shoes that do not have holes, unless they were meant to.  🙂

We all know that not everyone is so blessed.  Not just across the world, but sometimes it might be the family down the street.  Especially families with growing children it seems that there are always shoes that need to be purchased for one child or another.

So let’s count our shoes today, perhaps even those pairs that are saved for special occasions or you haven’t worn in a while.  If they no longer fit, look at donating them to a place where someone else can get some love out of them.  Let’s count our cute blessings of shoes, or our utilitarian blessings, that keep our feet safe as we go about our days.



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