Giving for Scholarship – Day 26

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“Praise God and give a contribution to the NYS Scholarship Fund.”


The sun isn’t shining here today, it is rainy and grey but I’m smiling because I know the Lord hears our prayers.

It has been all to easy as I recover from this second surgery to feel overwhelmed at all there seems to be to do.  The constant concern of the bills to arrive from the surgery and trying to catch up on the bills from before.

Today feeling overwhelmed I put something to that effect on my Facebook page knowing that those who care would lift me up in prayer.  In answer… God is good.

I’m thinking for both me and my girls we are going to start a gratitude journal, where we try to find a few things each day that we are thankful for.

I know sometimes it might be big, like today.  I know other things the things I list might seem “small” like waking up, being able to breathe and move, and be alive.  While sometimes those seem small those days are dark, those are big things to be thankful for.

I remember being very thankful for every gift, both monetary and thoughts that I was given as a scholarship girl.  I still have some of those small tokens that arrived in my care packages that I see and they remind me that I am loved.

Maybe later today, or tomorrow, I can post some ideas of a gratitude journal if you are interested.  I’m going to be looking around on Pinterest as I get the baby down for her nap.  Especially today as I am feeling some relief I feel the need to do something more to remind my girls to be thankful every day.



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