Giving for Scholarship – Day 27

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“Count the windows in your house.  Give 10 cents for each one.”


You’ve probably heard the English proverb 

The eyes are the window of the soul.

As I was looking for the exact wording for this, to make sure I was remembering it right, I also came across this quote by Alfred Tennyson: 

Her eyes are homes of silent prayers. 


I remember how glad I was when we found our house. I almost didn’t look at it. It took a lot of convincing from both my husband and the realtor to get me inside. But once I was, I fell in love. 

There are windows everywhere on the main living level. Especially now that we have opened up and redone the kitchen we get the early morning sun to the late evening sun.  I find it such a blessing, even when I see the snow fall in April. 

When we replaced the original windows on the house from aluminum windows that had virtually no protection from the cold winter to newer windows I once again felt blessed. We were warmer. 

As I read to the girls books that talk about the early colonization of America and how windows had to be saved up for. Usually first starting with an open hole and shutters, to oiled paper, to eventually real glass. I try to convey to my kids, who know nothing different, how the kids in the story were in awe of the thought of real glass. 

I think of how in some countries that is the experience even in 2016. That is a hard reality. Especially for my girls who want everything to be fair and give voice to wanting everyone to have enough food and money. 

So today as I look around and the grey skies show through I’m still going to be thankful. For each and everyone one of my 16 windows and doors with windows in my house. 


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