Giving for Scholarship – Day 28

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“If you know someone in college, give 50 cents.”


Going to college is hard.  I remember the constant studying and praying that the end result of the studies would give me the lead into a better life.  Some might say I’ve “wasted” that education as I stay home with my kids now, but I know better.

I also just love learning and hope to start taking some courses again, just for me, just to enhance my love of learning again.

Do you know someone currently attending college?  I hope you do.  Even it the only one you know is the Scholarship Girl for your association.  I hope you have been communicating with her and encouraging her.  Just like on day 22, when I encouraged you to pray over each girl by name.

So today, think of those you know attending college as April winds down and May appears with finals.  Give a gift to our growing scholarship fund jar and perhaps send on a word of encouragement to the young person.



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