Giving for Scholarship – Day 30

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“If you did not visit a shut-in this month give 50 cents”


Everyone loves visits.  But when you cannot get out, those visits are all the more a blessing. 

Lately I feel like I’ve been the shut in in question. I only recently have been able to drive the car and every once in a while I find myself still a bit tender after a trip to the store. 

So this time yes I’m putting 50 cents in the jar because I haven’t visited anyone. I know there are many of you from out of my remote area that would have loved to pay us a visit. I have loved those thoughts even though I knew it was frustrating to not be able to act on the thoughts. 

So make sure you brighten someone’s day today. A call, a card, and a visit can make all the difference. 



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