Giving for Scholarship – Day 5

In our modern world of email, texting and Facebook many of the more traditional methods of communication fall by the way side.  When was the last time you sent an honest to goodness letter?  For me it has been embarrassingly too long.  I really am making an effort to get better at this over the coming year.   As a Scholarship Girl letters from my sponsored church family was always a huge highlight to my day.  One of my goals actually is to start communicating with our scholarship girls to help continue that tradition.

This post is part of a series of posts highlighting the Scholarship Giving Calendar to raise money for our Scholarship Girls to use to further their education and their calling from God.

The phone as a communication device, I have a love and dislike relationship with.  I love the ability to talk with people far away especially since we live so far away from family.  I love having the ability to touch base with my husband as he is on his way home from work and how his day has gone, so when he does get home we can focus on being parents to our children.  But I also have a dislike relationship with it because it always seems it can ring at the worst times.  Like when I’m busy doing school with the girls, changing the necessary diaper with a baby in the house.  It’s harder with a cell phone these days to feel like you can let a call go to voicemail like you used to the answering machine when you were away from the house.

Email at times seems infinitely easier as I can get to things when the kids are in bed, but I do not want to call as it is way too late at night to call.  But I’m trying to get better about doing business by phone during actual business hours.  As I heal from my surgery we are getting into a rhythm at home allowing that to happen again.  No matter what the phone will be an important way of communicating in our society.

Today, our challenge is to “Give 5 cents for each time you talked on the phone today.” For me this remains small as my mom who I talk to quite frequently is currently staying with us.  So only one, maybe two phone calls today.

So I’m going to say 10 cents today and I’ll update it tomorrow if that has changed.

Over the last five days, I’m up to… $ 4.20!

  • Day 4 = 70 cents
  • Day 3 = $2.00
  • Day 2 = 60 cents
  • Day 1 = 80 cents

How much are you giving toward scholarship so far?  Comment below, or comment on our Facebook page.

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