Giving for Scholarship – Day 7

How do you listen to music?  I know things have changed from when I was a scholarship girl and I listened to music on my walkman with my headphones as I studied in my room.  Does that bring back any memories for anyone?

This post is a part of a series of posts highlighting the Scholarship Giving Calendar to raise money for our Scholarship Girls to use to further their education and their calling from God.  

Today’s challenge is one that I cannot, at this stage of my life/house/mental state do completely.

Over the years there have been many different types of media to save things to.  I have mix tapes still from when my husband and I were going out.  (We will be having our 20th wedding anniversary in May).  Music is and has been on tapes, CD’s and DVD’s.  I have kids videos on both VHS and DVD formats.  Yes I know some of what I have is ancient.  🙂

But a lot of those memories, the love that I felt and feel when I think about when I was given a mix tape or watch a favorite video with the kids… those cannot be bought.

Just as those memories cannot be bought, I cannot completely count my media.  So today I’m going to do a blanket amount.  Maybe someday I’ll have an idea of everything we have kept, as we go through years of memories.

Your challenge today, should you choose to accept it and do a firm amount, is to “Count your videos, CD’s DVD’s and Tapes and give 1 cent for each in honor of the scholarship program.”

Or like me you can choose a blanket amount.  I’m choosing $5.  Yes I know it might seem like a lot, but I’m just kinda glad it wasn’t for how many books there are in my house.



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