Giving for Scholarship – Day 8

As much as we are focusing on our future when we look at our Scholarship Giving Calendar, many of us looking at it are mothers and sometimes grandmothers.

This post is a part of a series of posts highlighting the Scholarship Giving Calendar to raise money for our Scholarship Girls to use to further their education and their calling from God.

When  I think of my girls there are many blessings that come to mind in the 14 years that I have been a mother.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  Many of you know we had our first blessing 14 years ago and she blessed us more than I could have imagined in her three short years with us on this side.  She has sent us four more sisters, each with a trait of her’s that help me remember she is still watching over us.

Yes I have my moments and my days that I might be more tempted to feel like listing the faults or the problems that we have had especially on particularly hard days.  But I think that happens to all of us.  You cannot always have the sunshine without having some dark clouds and rain to help highlight those rays of blessings.

Many of you reading this may have children and grandchildren and perhaps even great-grandchildren.  My grandmother has 17 great-grandchildren!  What a blessing!

Our challenge today is to “Give 10 cents for each child and grandchild.”

If you are not a mom, you are likely an honorary aunt to someone, perhaps count those “children” that you have taken under your wing.  Of course four-legged children can count as well as you wish.  🙂

So for me, I’m going to count all my girls… for me that is five, and my last four-legged friend, so a today of 60 cents.



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