Giving for Scholarship – Day 9

A door.

A simple thing.  But it can give us so much.

Privacy, protection, a sound barrier.

Most know the phrase, “When one door closes another opens.”  Sometimes I’ve experienced that, and sometimes it feels like I’m banging on all the closed doors around me, wondering just where that door is going to open.

Opportunity, a new beginning, a new start.

What does a door mean for you?  Does your home have doors?  How do the doors in your house give you different feelings or thoughts other than those listed above?  Share below, I’m really interested in your perspectives on a door.

Our challenge today is to “give 1 cent for each door in your house.”  This one I’m going to have the girls help count.  I’m wondering if they will count the doors they can physically go through, or if they will think of some others like cabinet doors and the closet.  For the former, we have 10.  For the latter… that I’ll have to physically count out by walking around.  🙂

How many doors do you have today?



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