Incoming President … Spring 2022

We just closed our 73rd annual convention with the theme Let the Walls Fall Down! 

I was blessed by the teaching, fellowship, and encouragement.  I heard stories throughout the weekend of the struggles and roadblocks that many women had to overcome to attend.

Many women had to find caregivers, or a loved one became sick, or car trouble. I had to postpone my arrival a day later than expected due to a family pet emergency.

I truly believe all these last-minute roadblocks were thrown up by Satan.  He has been happy that we have not been gathering collectively for the past two years.  He KNOWS the POWER of Christ’s followers gathering, worshipping, and interceding.  Thank you to each woman who made the commitment to come.

A Thank You

I’d like to thank Grace Kelley-Neal for her last 3 years of service. She led us through the difficult challenge of still holding meetings during COVID-19, completing the official documentation to get us incorporated, which includes our own tax-exempt ID number. 

Thank you, Grace, for your passion for Christ and the American Baptist Women of NYS, Corp.


As I was listening to Marcia McCarthy (AMBW-NYS, president 1980-1983) install me as president, she read the following statements:

  • As you lead this organization for the next 3 years, will you commit yourself to stay connected to Christ Jesus the vine in order to do the work God has already prepared for you to do?
  • Will you cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, in your life and as you relate to the others in our beloved community?
  • Through your leadership, will you allow Christ as the cornerstone to build us together into a place where God lives through God’s Holy Spirit?

To each of these, I responded “I will.” 

As I sat down, the Holy Spirit convicted me and said, “it is not your ability but my provision.” 

street art captured by Jon Tyson, a dove flying above two hands of different colors
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

So, I am amending my previous answers to all the above questions, to “I will, as the Lord provides.”

image of the Theme Let the Walls Fall Down

Let the Walls Fall Down!

What do you think of when you hear this?

A wall may be a social injustice that needs both prayer and action to be righted. Or you may have a personal wall in your life that makes it difficult to live the life Christ intended. 

What I do know is that walls come down quicker and cleaner when we have help.

Christ wants us to unite with our brothers and sisters.  He wants us to come along side of those hurting and unite to break down the walls. 

We are a large state with a diversity of which we should embrace as a foretaste of heaven.  Let us be an example of a united fellowship of believers standing together to let Christ’s love shine throughout the state. 

When we encounter a wall, let us say “We will unite and break down this wall, as the Lord provides.”


I am excited to reconnect with each of the women’s groups across the state.  If you are interested in me coming to speak to your group, church, or girls,  please let me know. No group is too small or too big.  I love to meet new people and speak to them about what is going on in American Baptist Women’s Ministries in the state and nation.

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