It has been almost 71 years, just one more month!

Historical Archive: National Events

On July 23rd, just over one month from now, the Women and Girls Conference will be already in process and on that Saturday, American Baptist Women’s Ministries will have their 71st Annual meeting at 1:30pm, eastern.

Can you imagine? Think of all that has happened in that time. Comment below with events that you think of.

Congratulations American Baptist Women’s Ministries!

If you are not already attending the Women’s and Girls Conference in person you can join in on the Annual Meeting virtually! The meeting will include many updates, the Shine the Light Award, and the election of officers.

Please register by July 15th to attend the virtual meeting. You can find out more here.

Are you thinking of how else could you celebrate?

Give a gift to American Baptist Women’s Ministries! Honor the past by supporting present and ensuring a future. On the page linked above there is an address with instructions to mark it as a birthday gift, or a link to give online.

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