Love Gift … Fall 2015

by Penny Amo

It’s was with a mixed bag of emotions that I accepted the position of ABWM/NYS Love Gift Coordinator this past Spring at our annual convention.  Just like most all women, I wondered if I would have the time and energy to devote to a new commitment.

As I prayed about this being in God’s will for me, I knew He would give me all the strength I needed and that He would never leave me alone.  I found rest in the many times we’re told in the Bible not to fear, but instead to know that our Lord is with us.  I remembered Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Paul, the Disciples and all the many others who heard our Lord’s words of Comfort:  “Fear not”.  So, I thought … how could I do less, and agreed to accept.

But … little do we know what the Lord has in store for us!

Within a few months of the convention I was blessed with my ninth grandchild – a beautiful sweet baby girl!  It wasn’t long after her birth, God revealed another amazing adventure for me.

As a way to help her parents through her first year, I’ll be taking care of little her while mom and dad work.  Now we all know many women who take care of grandchildren and how wonderful it is, but for me, there’s just a little problem … little she lives nearly 700 miles and 4 states away!

As I’m writing this article for the upcoming issue of “A Witness”, I’m also in the midst of packing.  Soon I’ll be traveling to North Carolina where I’ll live with my son, my daughter-in-law, Lucy, her big brother and her big sister for the next eight months.

There was a short time where I found myself fretting about being able to take care of Love Gift responsibilities while being so far away, but God’s reassuring words:  “Fear not”, kept coming back to me.  I also realized that He has surrounded me with an amazing group of women through ABWM who offer support and encouragement.

I’m really looking forward to the months ahead and being able to fulfill my responsibilities in spite of being in North Carolina and as never before, I’ll rely on God and the Power of His Holy Spirit to see me through (I’m also so very thankful for the technology of phones and computers  to keep me connected!).

ABWM is forever in my heart and my sisters in Christ are always in my prayers.  God is so good – continually surrounding us with His blessings.  I encourage you to always be looking for those blessings – especially the small ones; they seem to be the ones that really matter!  And as you find those blessings, daily express your gratitude to our faithful God.

And then in response to your gratitude, generously give to Love Gift…what a perfect way to bless others!


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  1. Genie Rotundo says:

    Good Morning Penny, May God bless you richly this coming year! What a wonderful blessing…your 9th grandchild. Do you have any suggestions for AB Women’s meeting for Love gift or do you know of any resources that I could purchase to help me with Love gift readings/suggestions. Thanks, Genie Rotundo

    • webscribe says:

      I forwarded your message to Penny, thanks for commenting Genie! Hoping to get information like this up on the website soon too. Keep the ideas coming of what you are looking for! Blessings!

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