Love Gift … Fall 2016

As I was recently checking out the website for American Baptist Churches USA, I came across an informative page about Love Gift. In the middle of the page, II Corinthians 9: 7-8 was quoted from the New Revised Standard Version:

“Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work”.

I was struck at how perfect these verses are to read when thinking about Love Gift!

From the website, I also learned a bit more of how Love Gift began, how it’s depended upon today, and the potential it has to empower mission work in the future.

From its beginning in 1932 (nearly 85 years ago!), American Baptist women wanted their special “over-and-above” offering to support mission programs of American Baptist churches. It only seems fitting after all these years that these dearly-loved offerings we now know as Love Gift are greatly relied upon by United Mission, the basic funding source for American Baptist missions.

It was quite surprising to also learn that only about 50 percent of American Baptist churches participate in Love Gift. An active ABWM focuses on the joys of Love Gift offerings, but even if an AB church does not have organized women’s ministries, there’s no stopping it from participating in Love Gift!

Whether through a women’s group or through the church itself, when we think of the many blessings we receive from God, Love Gift is just an ideal way to show gratitude and to say “thank you”!

Does your local ABWM support Love Gift regularly…does your church support Love Gift? If not, think about learning more about it and then prayer-fully consider becoming a Love Gift coordinator in your church. Free Love Gift materials can be ordered by calling: 1.800.4.JUDSON or by visiting online at:

As we thank God daily for the blessings in our lives, let me encourage all of us to regularly fill our Love Gift boxes. As we do that, join also with me in reflecting often on the above Bible verses from II Corinthians. Another translation (CEV) says it this way:

“Each of you must make up your own mind about how much to give. But don’t feel sorry that you must give and don’t feel that you are forced to give. God loves people who love to give. God can bless you with everything you need, and you will always have more than enough to do all kinds of good things for others.”

United Missions and American Baptist missions need our prayers and financial support – both now and into the future.

Together we can make a difference through Love Gift.

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