Love Gift … Spring 2016

When I submitted my previous report last fall, I explained that I was in the midst of preparing for an extended trip to North Carolina. I was anticipating an opportunity to spend more time with my two sons, my daughters-in-law and six of my nine precious grandchildren … but at the same time, I was really concerned about how things would go.

I took to heart God’s instruction to “fear not” as I went ahead and finished packing.

Now as I write this report, it is six months later and I’m very happy to share that my days have been filled with one blessing after another…joys I could never have imagined! I’m truly amazed that things have worked out so well!

Our God is good…yes, all the time He is good!

In response to His many blessings, I stop and give thanks to God. I also respond by giving to our ABWM Love Gift Offering. Dropping coins in my container is a very real and tangible way to show my gratitude and to share with others.

Just recently, our Treasurer, Colleen Charsky, reported $3,133.56 as the total amount of 2015-2016 Love Gift offerings received from ABWM/NYS.

This is wonderful, but is it possible that we can give even more in 2016-2017?

Proverbs 23:19, encourages us with these words: “believe and keep your heart on the right path”. How important it is for us as sisters in Christ to believe that in God all things are possible and that we must always strive to keep our hearts on the right path!

I would like to encourage ABWM of NYS to believe and to stay on the right path by giving Love Gift special attention. Here are some thoughts:

  • Share with one another the history of Love Gift; it is truly inspiring!
  • Include Love Gift devotions and a time to receive offerings at ABWM meetings!
  • Place Love Gift containers in prominent spots at conferences, Board meetings and other appropriate church events!
  • Take time to “brain storm” – come up with new and creative ideas for collecting Love Gift offerings!

Love Gift offering boxes and envelopes as well as informational brochures are free and can be easily ordered at the ABWM national website:

A nice overview of Love Gift and its history can be found on the ABC –USA Website:

Keep in mind that safe and secure on-line Love Gift offerings can always be made at anytime through the above web-sites and, of course, offerings can be made directly through your local church.

At this writing I’m still in North Carolina and will be for yet another few months. I’m sad to miss this year’s convention, but I’m so very thankful to those who have stepped in to offer help as needed for Love Gift.

Let’s all be encouragers – encourage one another to daily look for blessings (both big and small) and then respond with grateful hearts through our ABWM Love Gift.

All glory and praise to God as we bless others through Love Gift!

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