Meeting Remotely

A prayer for today as our Convention meets remotely.


These last two years are unlike anything we have ever experienced. We are still showing up and trying though everyday.

We are used to having time away from our responsibilities, using our time at Convention with our Sisters in Christ to recenter on the work ahead.

This year is different though.

Lord be with each of us as we prepare today to attend whatever small piece life allows us.

Someone today is a mom struggling to find a few minutes to herself, trying to listen in headphones while the day to do life continues around her.

Someone today awoke ready with anticipation but technology might feel like it is conspiring against her.

Someone might just be overcome with the emotions of the last year and find it hard to concentrate on the words being said by the presenter.

Lord be with each person attending today. Help us to feel your presence amidst the chaos. Be with each Presenter as they allow themselves to be used to get your message out.

Thank you for the technology that makes this possible, as it would have been unthinkable even a decade ago.


I know this year is a struggle, and things might not go “right”. I pray though that you will try to attend what you can, and pray you hear words you need to hear. – Rebecca

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