Ministries With Women … Fall 2019

by Carol Seidel, Ministries with Women Coordinator 2019-2022

Our Women’s ‘ Ministries have been busy this year! 4 parts of which were our conferences; or retreats.

  • Central: June 7-8, 44 in attendance
  • Western: Houghton June 7-8,    26 in attendance
  • Southern NY: June 8, 75-80 in attendance
  • Adirondack:  September 19-21, approximately 50 in attendance

If we add up all who attended: it’s almost 200 women & girls, and if we try even harder we can add to our totals.

These retreats are a treat! lots of love, planning & effort are involved in bringing a retreat together. Let’s make them a success again in 2020. See you in April at RIT Conference Center (April 24-26, 2020)


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