Ministries with Women … Fall 2020

So if we’re stuck at home & may not be able to worship in church with regularity; if at all- how else can we worship? And what can we do to reach out to others?

hands folded in front with fingers intertwined, knit handwarmers on the hands

So personally I have a lady I call once a week. She’s 96; What stories! I have another lady- not on A.B.W.M.- I call reach out to 2 times a month these are my “faithful” calls.

If you knit or crochet-why not give hats, etc to a ministry/ give a ways.

Our group at Port Dickinson- has not stopped (skeleton crew) making sleeping bags= donated to Addiction Crisis Center. 

Can you make soup? You will surely be gratified by recipients.

Involve youth/girls in clean up or meal projects.. Prayer chains/prayer groups very vital now!

Make mass meals & pack to go? Drive through. Your youth will LOVE to do this! Call folks & invite to receive a “warm’ meal.

We should keep going, even if you just send a “thinking of you” card.

Keep Vital, Keep Active – Keep Going.

Blessings, Carol

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