Mission & Love Gift … Spring 2021


What missions have your churches focused on with the pandemic changing the way things were done in the past. We would love to see some articles from your church on how GOD has been using you to reach out to the lost, hurting and thirsty people. Just as God met the woman at the well she was needing HIM her soul was thirsty. He met her needs and she went and spread the word to her community.


Have you thought of donating to your local Treatment Facility hygiene products, clothing, or called and asked if they needed something like a blender, mixer, or refrigerator? With the shutdown from the Pandemic they may need some help with supplies, see if you can help in some way.


Can we still give to Love Gift? YES you can, and this supports so many mission projects for ABCUSA and our ABW receives 15% of Love Gift. You can give at your Church, ABW Associations and online at https://abwomensministries.org//page.aspx/contentId/42/Love-Gift/

Love Gift, an initiative of women across American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) to help support the full range of American Baptist Mission, turns 89 this year. Love Gift is a gift to United Mission and supports American Baptist Mission and Ministry. American Baptist Women’s Ministries receives United Mission dollars equivalent to 15 percent of Love Gift.

In 1932, American Baptist Churches faced a $500,000 deficit, and it was feared the financial crisis would limit God’s work in the denomination. American Baptist Churches asked individuals to give financial contributions in excess of their tithes and pledges. Women, specifically, were challenged to raise $150,000 to help meet the crisis. Receiving the challenge, women began the over-and-above contribution called Love Gift.

Today, Love Gift is an extra gift to the United Mission support of the American Baptist family. Through Love Gift, missions and ministries in the United States and Puerto Rico and around the world are able to reach out to millions of God’s people.

This is my last article as your Love Gift and Missions representative; I have truly been blessed by all of you beautiful women around NYS.

Yours in Love and Service,

Vicky Shaw

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