Mission & Love Gift … Spring 2022

Here we are at our annual ABWM/NYS Convention! These are the mission areas that we will be supporting with our offerings this weekend:

On the national level, we will give to the Bridges and Gateway Endowment fund (Sunday morning) and National Ministries, which is our special project (Saturday lunch).

Regionally, we will support the NYS scholarship fund (Saturday breakfast) and the ABWMS/NYS general fund (Friday dinner).

Our local mission project is Community Missions of the Niagara Frontier. We will welcome Kathy Chase who will share in our exhibit displays and speak at our banquet on Saturday. Niagara Falls is a community with significant needs and a high level of poverty. Community Missions is tireless in their support and creative in trying out new projects to minister to these people.

Love Gift

If anyone should ask about Love Gift …….

Love Gift has been a vital part of our mission for many decades. It represents the way women contributed small amounts to make a big difference when Regional and National ABC organizations were in need.

Times have changed and now it is Women’s Ministries that experiences the greater need.

The recommendation from National ABWM is that more emphasis should be placed on supporting the numerous programs that ABWM provides to women and girls.

Of course churches and individuals may still support Love Gift, but recognize that none of these funds are directed to ABWM.

Vital Partner

One other reminder –

A monthly contribution of $19 or more makes you a Vital Partner with ABWM and is a huge asset in the planning of high quality programs and resources. 

I encourage you to join many of your sisters in supporting our ministries to women and girls in this way.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marilyn Malone, Missions and Love Gift Ministries

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