Missions and Love Gift Ministries … Fall 2022

by Marilyn Malone

As I am writing this, the Convention planning committee is still working to define the mission areas which we will support in the coming year. Some of these may be defined in other reports to the board or following future discussions, but this information I can offer now.

We will be emphasizing our support of ABWM by encouraging more women to become Vital Partners by contributing $19 or more per month. That regular gift is a huge asset in the planning of high-quality programs and resources. Perhaps you have participated in some of these such as Domestic Violence Workshops, Let the Walls Fall Down Webinar series, sectional informational meetings, or an AB GIRLS hangout and many more. If you are already a Vital Partner, share and encourage other sisters to join. Pray and watch for more information about becoming a Vital Partner.

Our local mission support project in 2023 will be the FOCUS Ministries of Albany. This is a group of local churches that has been joining together to enhance mission outreach in the city of Albany for more than 50 years. FOCUS is present in the food pantry, breakfast program, homeless shelters, immigration resettlement and advocacy to promote just laws that address the needs of the poor. Emmanuel Baptist Church was one of the four founding member churches, and currently their pastor, Rev. Kathy Donley, serves as FOCUS President. At the April 2023 convention, you will have the opportunity to learn about how this mission responds to need and how you can help.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marilyn Malone, Missions and Love Gift Ministries

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