National Event: COVID-19’s Impact on Women, 2021 Winter Webinar series coming up April 1st

Tonight! COVID-19’s Impact on Women

So many of us know the impact that the pandemic has had on us, our families. The increasing stress, anxiety, depression has been hard to ignore.

Tonight’s webinar wants to focus on COVID-19’s impact on women dealing with addition, women in treatement, and women in recovery. As the impacts of this pandemic will be seen in the months and years to come we need to develop awareness into how COVID-19 impacts women with substance use disorders, or those already enrolled in treatment or in recovery from additction. How can we help?

Join our presenter, Dr. Brenda Edwards, tonight at 9 pm EST. Dr. Edwards is a Counselor Educator and Psychotherapist who specializes in Addictions Counseling and enjoys supporting and empowering women in recovery.

Please click here to read more and to register.

female with brown eyes, a blue with white small flowered mask covering her face, words on right COVID's Impact on Women Webinar April 1 at 9pm

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