National Event: Domestic Violence Workshop & Certification now offered Virtually

The Domestic Violence Workshop & Certification event that the National American Baptist Women’s Ministries was partnering with Safe Haven Ministries to offer in Detroit, Michigan is now being offered virtually as well as in Detroit.

Who should attend?

This opens up an opportunity for clergy, church leaders, community groups, and domestic violence educators to come together in an intentional and safe manner to learn ways to support and aid those in their communities that may be suffering from Domestic Violence.

This workshop can qualify for Continuing Education Units, and attendees must attend the full programming to receive certification.


The workshop will be held Saturday, September 17, 2022, from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.

What will be talked about?

You can read more on the Topics Covered, Core Components and find the Registration Online by clicking here.

A few things that catch my eye in particular speak on supporting victims and survivors and safety planning. There is so much we have had to adjust and think on our feet without any knowledge during these last few years. At least here there is some knowledge and people who can help lead us through this process. If at all possible this is an opportunity we should take advantage of.

How many can attend? Cost?

There is no registration limit for Virtual Attendees which is great news, this really opens this event up, and scholarship are still available! The link for scholarships is also available on the same page.

  • Individuals can attend for $79
  • Groups of three can attend for $199

Who will be speaking?

Speakers will be:

  • Tara Aday, the director of Prevention and Education at Safe Haven Ministries
  • Revered Dr. Gina C. Jacobs-Strain, executive director for American Baptist Women’s Ministries and a member of National Council for American Baptist Churches USA
  • Wanda Merriweather, director of programs at First Step, a domestic violence and sexual assault organization located in MI
  • Mykal Ward, training and education manager at Safe Haven ministries

Please make sure to click over to the website to read more about the speakers and to register today!

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