National Support – The Need Remains

This week we are highlighting the offerings that would have been taken at Convention. Remember even though our Convention 2020 had to be canceled, the need remains for so many of these notable organizations. To read how you can continue to give to these offerings please read this post.

National Support

When we give to National Support, we give to help support our National ABWM Office and National ABWM Representatives.

National Support allows American Baptist Women’s Ministries to provide ministries and ministry support to empower women and girls to serve Christ.

Giving to National Support provides monies needed to create and support programs, resources, leadership training, national staffing, speakers, conferences, retreats, program resources, and so much more.

National Support provides support to women and girls in all of the United States and Puerto Rico. One of the ways that this can be done on an individual level is also by being a Vital Partner.

But for our offerings at convention, we strive to recognize the support that National AB Women’s Ministries gives to us and we strive to support them, to continue the cycle of support as American Baptist Women.

Please remember these worthy organizations during this time of need. Just as we would have asked at Convention, we are asking you now to consider if you can help even a little. You can give online or by mail, further information can be found in this post.

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