Nominating … Fall 2016

There are a number of positions that are still needed for 2017

Please check the website for future posts highlighting the different positions. If you think you know someone, including yourself, that should be considered for one of these positions please contact me.

  • Coordinator of Mission and Service
  • Conference Chairwoman
  • White Cross and World Mission
  • Board Members for Two unexpired terms: 1 for a 2 year term, 1 for a 1 year term
  • Three 5 Year Board Members

Thank you for help, Nominating Committee Members:

Janice Turner, Chairperson, Kathie Burnside, Rules, Linda Jackson

2 Responses

  1. Linda Cazer says:

    I am trying to find the name and address of the White Cross chair for NYS.

    • Editor: Rebecca says:

      The new White Cross Chairperson will be September Schaffer, I will respond to you by email with the contact information for her.

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