Nominating … Fall 2022

by Mary Lou Flowers

Offices have been filled for:

  • Facilitator of Women Ministries: 2022- 2025
  • Three Year Board Members: Class of 2025 
  • Facilitator of Women Ministries: Susan Schafer- Niagara 
  • AB Girls Chair: Rev. Lynda Myers – Iroquois  (Please note the Position has been reopened due to resignation as received by President Charsky)
  • Three Year Board Member: Class of 2025:  Janice Glenn- Erie, Estelle Khanna- Southern NY, Rev. Debbie Kelsey- Mohawk-Oneida

There has not been a recommendation to date for the position: Treasurer-Elect. We are hopeful that a candidate  will be forthcoming. 

Recently,  Board members participated in voting for the candidate: Chair of AB Girls. Thanks to all who participated in this process. As stated previously,  the committee appreciates that Board members assisted with a recommendation for the fore mentioned position.

Summary of Balloting: AB Girl Chair

  • 43 votes
  • Yes- 40, No- 0,
  • Abstain- 3.
  • Total- 43


  1. NYS ABWM develop a database of American Baptist Women who are interested and possess the knowledge/skills needed to serve as officers and board members. 
  2. Association presidents, Officers, Board members,  please assist the Nomination Committee by speaking to your members. Gather information, note their interests, skills.

Continue to pray with the Nomination Committee for success in fulfilling our duties.

Humbly Submitted,

Mary L. Flowers, Chair
Janice Glenn 
Brenda Johnson
Marcia McCarthy, Consultant

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