Opportunities Fund Now Available

So the Opportunities Fund application is up and available. Read more about the Fund and download the application now.  Usually, this fund would have a deadline of one month prior to a conference for the application to be considered.


Because the National Conference of Harvesting Shalom is still accepting applications the committee is going to accept applications for you to use funds from the Opportunity Fund to go!

Harvesting Shalom written in a mosaic of red, yellow and orange

You just need to download your application for the Opportunity Fund and get your application in by September 10th!

Why attend Harvesting Shalom?

Life is crazy for many of us.  We are pulled in many different directions.  Money is tight for many and thinking of attending the conference might have only been a dream for you.

But what may have been the impossible is now possible.

Make your plans, get in your application for the Opportunity Fund before September 10th, put in your registration for Harvesting Shalom.  Make space for renewal and nourishment at the ministry of those who have worked so hard at this event to help you feel the personal refreshment of sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Know that despite all that life throws, the impossible is most certainly possible.  🙂

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