Opportunity Fund … Fall 2022

by Alecia Willie

For the annual ABWM NYS Convention there were 3 recipients of an opportunity fund scholarship. The total amount given was $896. One recipient received $400 to attend the American Baptist Women In Ministry Ready, Radical, Redeemed Conference at Green Lakes, WI.

As a reminder the Opportunity Fund Guidelines are: The Opportunity Fund shall be administered by the Executive Committee upon recommendation from the presidential appointee. The fund shall provide money for American Baptist Women NYS and AB GIRLS NYS to have the opportunity to attend conferences, conventions and other similar events.

The monetary details are:

  • $2000 maximum amount given out per year
  • $200 given for National events
  • $75 given for NYS Convention and AB GIRLS events
  • $25 given for area conferences

Completed applications requesting funds for the National Women’s Conference and the National AB GIRLS conference or the ABW ministries NYS Convention shall be submitted by March 1st via mail (Alecia Willie 114-48 209th Street, Cambria Heights, NY 11411) or email, (alecia.willie001@gmail.com).

Completed applications requesting funds for a NYS Area Conference, AB GIRLS NYS Conference or other events sponsored by ABW Ministries shall be submitted one month prior to the registration deadline

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