Our AB GIRL Liaison Thinking About ABY

Did you know we have two AB G.I.R.L.S. Liaisons?  They are both beyond High School and currently attending college.  Recently one of them sent along a message reflecting on ABY.  ABY is for American Baptist Youth and convention is coming up quickly.

I love ABY and recently Jill asked me if I knew any youth that would like to come because they love seeing everyone gather to have fun and praise God. I have been rather isolated recently at school so I am asking that everyone that knows a youth try to have them come to ABY!

I honestly believe that everyone could benefit from coming to ABY!

Please share this with our sisters in ABW!

Every person should know they aren’t alone when it comes to loving Christ!

Thank you and much love!

Connect Here

Here is where you can find some more information on our New York State American Baptist Youth to share with those that you know.

ABY Website

  • posters are available (click on convention details)
  • Mission Project is for CORMA in Puerto Rico, and you can donate on-line through the website

ABY Facebook Page

  • a link specifically for the event for ABY Convention – November 2-4, 2018 – which allows you to see updates on this specific event as they are shared.

Share with the youth you know and encourage them to THRIVE!


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