President Elect … Spring 2019

Greetings To All,
As I ascend to the Presidency of the American Baptist Women Ministries of New York State, I would like to give a heartfelt Welcome to all of the new board members joining us, and a heartfelt thank you to all of those current, and honorary board members who will continue to serve.

I would like to spend a moment talking about that word serve. It is included in the wording of Psalm 100, in the second verse.

According to, serve has many definitions.

  1. To act as a servant.
  2. To answer the purpose

I like these two definitions because it sums up how I feel about my new duties and responsibilities.

As I move forward, I will try to embody Servant Leadership. By embodying the Servant Leadership, I am answering my purpose in life which is to serve the Lord with gladness.

According to the author Robert K. Greenleaf; some of the characteristics of a Servant Leader are:

  • Listening
  • Supportive
  • Committed to Growth
  • Responsibility

I promise to be a good listener and open to suggestions.

I promise to be supportive to all the women of the great state of New York.

I promise to be committed to the growth of our convention for recruitment purposes.

I promise to be responsible in all that I do as your leader.

For the next three years, I am totally committed to being the best Servant Leader of the American Baptist Women’s Ministry of NYS that I can be.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement, your prayers, and your love.

These will all sustain me as I take on this awesome responsibility of being your Leader, and your President.

Let us continue to show love for each other and pray for one another as the Lord leads us all on this amazing journey together.

To God be the glory!
Rev. Grace Kelley-Neal

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