President’s Report and Update … Fall 2022

by Colleen Charsky

It has been my pleasure to serve you over the last 6 months. I praise God for his protection and provision. I appreciate each one of you who has made this commitment a priority in your life.  Here are a few highlights of how the LORD has used me to represent ABWM-NYS.

I had the pleasure to travel and speak to several groups since taking office.  In May I spoke at the Broome Tioga Association Spring meeting. I shared suggestions of how to attract new members, to update them on current information from ABWM-NYS and National, and to share my vision for ABWM-NYS.

In July, I thank you for sending me to represent NYS at the ABWM National meeting held at ABWM office facility in King of Prussia, PA. They asked me to lead morning devotions on “Trust” at Valley Forge National Park one morning.

In mid-September, I had the privilege of spending a weekend with the ladies of ADK and CABA associations at their retreat held at Christ the King Retreat Center. It was wonderful to be their keynote speaker and connect with these enthusiastic ladies. I shared with them messages regarding our Ministry theme of “Let the Walls Fall Down” and our mission theme of “Real Acceptance.”  Additionally, I shared suggestions of how to attract new members, and to update them on current information from ABWM-NYS and National.

In late September, I attended the Rochester-Genesee Region Biennial at FBC Greece. It was a joyful time celebrating fellowship after a long COVID hiatus. It was great to connect with a few people and they were pleased to have an ABWM representative with them. The first weekend in October, I went to the ABC-NYS Biennial held at the United Church in Canandaigua.  It was great to connect with men and women from across the state.  I handed out scholarship applications to promote helping our college aged young women.

Also in October, I took part in the ABWM National Double Good popcorn fundraiser. Thank you to anyone who purchased.  I met my goal of $1,000 by selling $1,129. For a large state, we should easily be able to raise twice this amount.  Of my 20 supporters, only 4 were from ABWM-NYS connections. Even if you cannot purchase or donate, please consider sending it to your sphere of influence via email, Facebook, etc. This is a great way to shop early for Christmas. ABWM National was able to sell $17,686 which means ABWM raised $8,843 in just 4 days! Each gift allows ABWM to share free webinars, scholarships, leadership training, and build beloved community. You affirmed our ministries for and with women, young adult women and girls! Your investment enables ABWM to persist with ministries focused on critical issues that are relevant today. Together we are stronger, and we move forward addressing spiritual growth, advocacy, equity, wellness, and fellowship.

At the Fall board meeting, in cooperation with the Leadership Development team, I led a board training on Spiritual gifts.  We felt this was important because an important part of leadership and developing new leaders is to work within our Spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit bestowed upon us. Our Spiritual gifts can change over time, and it surprised many of us to see how ours changed since the last time we took an assessment.

I have been sending reminder emails regarding upcoming events for ABWM National.  If you have not been receiving them and would like to be added to my list, please let me know.

Some goals I have for the upcoming months will be to hold association president’s meeting virtually.  Many of our presidents cannot attend our board meeting. My goal is to meet virtually 2x a year for encouragement and training.

I am developing an ad hoc committee on social media and technology to explore ways to promote ABWM-NYS to a broader audience. Additionally, I want to develop the capability to have hybrid meetings to include those who cannot attend personally.  There are much logistics involved. Currently, I am looking for 1-2 more tech savvy people, 2 youth or young adults, and two individuals who are not comfortable with technology who will give us insight on how to best help. If you know of someone who you think would be an asset to this committee, please forward to me their information.

I would also like to explore the possibility of starting a virtual ABWM -NYS Bible Study/book club.  This is not to replace meeting with your local church group.  There have been some who have expressed an interest. This would be to reach those who may not have a local group or want to connect more often with their ABWM-NYS family. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact me.

I am trying to connect with as many churches and associations as possible.  Several churches expressed interest in me visiting and speaking to their ladies’ groups to help them get restarted or refocused after COVID. If you would like me to come speak to your group about Real acceptance or Let the Walls Fall Down or perhaps lead the same Spiritual Gifts training that I led at the Fall Board meeting, please contact me. I can attend physically or virtually, and I will do as much or little as you want. If you let me know when your meetings are, I will attend to simply be a part of your group/fellowship and see how God is working among your group.

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