Registration is coming by February 1st (maybe sooner)

Technology is a wonderful thing. Until we rely on something to work the way it has before, and “updates” and “new features” have been added and then we feel like we are knocking our heads up against a solid, very thick wall.

Our plan to have online registration has had to pivot. This meant a change in how the Convention Packet that would be posted, and emailed to everyone, so the way it had to be formatted. There will unfortunately not be online registration this year.

The packet has been revised, the letter to send out with it is almost here and the extra work done by the Convention Committee has been appreciated.

The plan is to have registration up on the website, and the email letters out by February 1st at the latest. I’m hoping for sooner… as long as the technology cooperates.

Be well and hopefully we will have this in your inbox and on the website before the first.

From the currently frigid North, Rebecca

Alt: picture of my weather app as I write this. The temperature is -18(f) and there is an igloo pictured to the right with the words “Very Cold”.

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  1. Mary L. Flowers says:

    Greetings Becky,

    I am asking for the information: registration for NYS CONVENTION (2022).

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