Resources & Exhibits … Fall 2015

by Lori Little

I am very excited to help serve our ladies in these upcoming years! I have a lot of “out of the box” ideas that I cannot wait to share!

The Life Resources Christian Bookstore has agreed to join us for the 2016 Convention in Owego. Ron has faithfully served us for many years and has since retired. His son Eric has taken over the business and is eager to join us in April. Please welcome him with open arms!

As always, there will be ABWM materials available for sale at the convention bookstore. If you have a larger order, please feel free to contact me ahead of time and I can provide you with direct ordering information.

Additionally, we will be asking that each exhibit booth to be manned from 2:30 – 3:00pm on the Saturday of our convention. This will be a guaranteed time for our ladies to be able to ask questions and get materials from the exhibits on display.

Now, I am hoping that you ladies can help me. I am looking for your suggestions and ideas for exhibits to have on display during our convention – books, radio stations, kids’ groups/activities, colleges – anything you think our ladies might enjoy learning more about. If you have something in mind, please forward contact information to me and we will see what we can do.

I do hope to hear from our ladies to see what you would like to have available in April!

Respectfully Submitted, Lori Little


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