Resources & Exhibits … Fall 2016

2016 Convention

What a fabulous turnout for our 2016 convention! Craig Hall from the Arrowhead Parable Christian Bookstore joined us and made me promise to thank all of you for the wonderful time he had. He said he’s never had so much fun with a group of ladies before!

2017 Convention

Planning for Rochester in 2017 is in the works. I am have just recently heard back from the Alpha & Omega Bookstore in Rochester and they would love to join us for our 2017 convention. We are still working out the details but things look quite promising!

For our convention exhibits, costs have changed this year and we will have a fee for tables this year. We are receiving 5 free exhibit tables, but we did use 12 at our 2016 convention. To save on costs, I am asking that our ladies prayerfully consider how much space when making their exhibit reservations.

Please keep in mind that we will be providing packets to our conference attendees and any handouts you might have can be included in the packets rather than using display space.

All of the free ABWM resources we usually have out on display will be included in packets, along with order forms in case you wish to order some for your church. Additionally, we will be asking that the outside resources we invite (local colleges, radio stations, etc.) pay for their exhibit area to save on our costs.

If you have any thoughts on programs or local resources that may like to reserve exhibit space, please contact me!

Respectfully Submitted, Lori

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