Rules … Fall 2022

by Marcia McCarthy

Properly in an orderly way

In 1 Corinthians 14:40, followers of the Jesus Way in Corinth were reminded that their worship would be more effective if it was done in an orderly way. 

To work toward the goal of the work of ABWM/NYS being done in an orderly, effective way, last year  the Rules Committee worked diligently to provide all State Board members and Association Presidents with copies of the updated Bylaws for ABWM/NYS.

We are grateful to those who picked up their copies at the Spring Convention in Jamestown or the Fall Board meeting in Troy, NY.  If you are a Board Member or Association President and you do not yet have your copy, please reach out to me, so that we can remedy that.

At our Board meeting we considered how we are working toward our Vision; accomplishing our Purpose; fulfilling our Mission. Our effectiveness is enhanced when we know our Bylaws and use the structure in effective ways. The structure has value as we use it as a basis for fulfilling our mission, and accomplishing our purpose. Changes will continue to occur because we live in changing times. In all we do may God be glorified.

Marcia McCarthy, Chair of Rules Committee

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