Safe Haven Workshop

Domestic Violence Prevention Certification for Churches is coming to NY this November.

Partnering together:
American Baptist Women’s Ministries
Capital Area Baptist Association
Safe Haven Ministries

A two-day training designed to equip, empower, and educate churches to be advocates for persons affected by domestic violence.

image of the trifold brochure for the workshop

On Friday, November 15th

Join in for inspiring biblical teaching that will explore the origins and attitudes of domestic violence. Explore the role the Christian community has to advocate for, protect, and encourage all persons affected by domestic violence.

Conversations and study will be led by Rev. LaThelma Yenn-Batah, the Associate Executive Director of American Baptist Women’s Ministries.

Registration is required, there is no cost to Friday’s session.

On Saturday, November 16th

In a first-of-its-kind of program, Creating a Safe Haven, is designed to help faith communities develop the skills and plan for how they would respond when supporting a victim or survivor of domestic violence. The program should also help churches engage in measures to help prevent violence from happening in the first place.

The certification is a step to ensure your faith community has the tools they need to effectively prevent and respond to issues of domestic violence. There are two primary components.

  1. Adopting a Domestic Violence Prevention Response Plan
  2. sending a team to the in-person training.

Registration is required. Cost is $10 per person which includes Lunch. Registration is due by October 31st.

Domestic Violence affects everyone, how can you and your church help?

Download the Brochure. Register online.

Payments get sent to:
LATHAM, NY 12110

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