Scholarship … Fall 2015

by Jackie Lottermoser

As if this date we have 12 Scholarship Girls that will be attending Community Colleges, Colleges, and Universities in NY. State, Vermont, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and have awarded scholarships in the amount of $4,010.  Each award will be sent to the schools in 2 installments, the 1st in October, and the 2nd in March.

This has been an interesting year….. By June 1st we had 14 applications, but after we had sent award letters, I was notified by 2 girls that they would not need the scholarships.  One girl who had sent her application by March 1st, misunderstood when the award would be sent, and she was hoping to get the funds for the rest of that semester, because she would be graduating in June….  The second girl decided she would work for a year and then start school, and asked if she could send another application next year….I told her of course, we would be happy to hear from her….

The Committee decided that we would use the funds from their awards, to increase the awards of the other 12 girls.  A letter was sent to each girl informing them of the increase, and I actually received a note from one of the girls thanking me for the increase !!!!

I have had problems with receiving 3 Pen Sketches.  I have made many calls to girls and parents.  I had to resend 2 Pen Sketches. And I was still missing 1…. A friend of the family brought the last Pen Sketch and the picture for me to place in my display at Owego.

So that the affected associations would not be totally in the dark about their Scholarship Girls, I asked Becky if she would place an offer on the website that I was willing to send or Email all the information that I had from the applications on each girl, hoping the Pen Sketch would come soon and I promised to forward them ASAP.  I had 3 associations, Cayuga – Onondaga, Mohawk – Oneida, and Oswego, take me up on my offer.

When talking with one of the girls about her Pen Sketch, she informed me that she would be completing a one year program at Erie Community College in December.  One half of her award will be sent to Erie. The other half will be saved towards next year’s scholarships

The high light of this year is the thank you notes the girls sent thanking us for their scholarships.   I had some on my display at the Fall Board Meeting.  I hope you will take time to read them.

(Editors note:  We hope to include excerpts of some of these thank you notes on our website to share with all of our women, and they will likely be part of Jackie’s display in April.)

Being active in the lives of your scholarship girls can be rewarding and fun.  Your prayers, encouraging notes and cards and occasional “Goodie Boxes” or gift cards, especially on holidays, birthdays, and during exams, are appreciated more than you can imagine.

We may not grant large monetary awards, but the girls really look forward to hearing from you, and knowing that you are praying for them.

In His Service,

Jackie Lottermoser  –  Scholarship Chairman


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