Scholarship … Fall 2018

by Colleen Charsky

I had the best committee members. Thanks to Joyce Barron and Irene Ingram. We had 4 applicants this year. Two renewals, a Junior and Senior, and two new applicants, a Senior and Freshman. I think we had a first in a long time–all of our applicants are attending Colleges and Universities in New York State. Their majors include Anthropology, Biology, Business, and Childhood Education. Our very own board representative, Cheyenne, is one of our recipients.

After receiving all applications, I forwarded them to the committee to read. We were not able to meet as a committee, but I had a phone conference with Joyce and Irene to review each applicant thoroughly. The awards ranged from $730 to $810, totaling $3,000. The awards were slightly higher due to the lower number of applicants.

Each award will be send to the school in two installments, half in October and half in March. On July 12th the award letters were mailed to each girl. The Pen Sketch was included along with and an urgent request to return the Pen Sketch as soon as she knew her residential address at school. I apologize for the delay in getting the scholarship information out to the associations, I did not receive the last pen sketch biography until mid-September. I then forwarded them to the associations as quickly as I could.

We also had a new occurrence this year, because of the lower amount of applicants, we decided to have an “honorary” scholarship recipient of Jocelin Wright. She was a recipient last year.

Here is the lovely note I received from her:

“Dear Women of Faith–I am writing to thank all that corresponded with me throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Your encouragement and prayers were received and God moved in my life. I was successful in the classroom making dean’s list both semesters with a GPA of 3.94 and 3.95. I also had accomplishments on the basketball court and lacrosse field. As a result of prayers, hard work, and God’s move, my scholarships academically and athletically have been increased, granting me a full expenses paid scholarship for the next 2 years!! To God be the Glory. Therefore, I will not be applying for this amazing scholarship you have to offer. I wish to pass on this support to another well deserving young lady. Once again thank you and God Bless.”

We discussed it as a committee and with Lillian, and we decided to assign her to some associations. That way even though she does not need the monetary support, we can continue to bless her with prayers, encouraging correspondence and gifts.

Moving forward, in January, the latest scholarship application will be posted on the website, mailed to each association representative, and to each current scholarship applicant.

If you cannot get an application through one of these channels, please contact me directly.

Additionally, please make use of the Scholarship Calendar in your local churches and associations.

Please donate… Donate… DONATE!!

The scholarship program is funded solely by money received the previous year. If we receive little…we can bless little, but if we receive greatly…we can bless these young ladies greatly!

Respectfully submitted, Colleen Charsky

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