Scholarship … Fall 2020

This year has been challenging for everyone, especially college students.  Please keep all our students in prayer. 

To account for these challenging times, the scholarship committee made two changes to the 2020 application process. 

  1. The application deadline was extended from June 1 to July 1.
  2. This year we required only 2 letters of reference.  Not being physically present in school, can make it difficult to track down letters of reference.

These changes applied to the 2020 application process only, if the committee chooses to extend it to the 2021 application process, that will be published at the time the 2021-2022 application is made available.

I had the best committee members. Thanks to Joyce Barron, Dorene Ingersol, and Irene Ingram.    Thank you for the dedication you have provided to this committee. 

We had 2 applicants this year.  Both were new applicants, a Senior and Freshman.  The Senior, lives near White Plains, NY and is studying Environmental Science at St. John’s University; the freshman, is from Manlius, NY, near Syracuse and is attending the University of Alabama @ Huntsville, undecided major.

After receiving all applications, I forwarded them to the committee on July 20 to evaluate. Joyce, Dorene, and I met via Zoom on August 21st to review each applicant thoroughly.  Each recipient received $1,000, totaling $2,000. The awards were slightly higher due to the lower number of applicants.  Each award will be sent to the school in two installments, half in October and half in March.  On August 23rd, the award letters were emailed to each girl. The Biography was included along with and an urgent request to return the Biography as soon as she knew her residential address at school.  I apologize for the delay in getting the scholarship information out to the associations, I did not receive the last finalized pen sketch biography until mid-September.  I then forwarded them to the associations as quickly as I could.

Things you can do for these students: 

  • Please send your scholarship girl notes, texts, emails to encourage them during this difficult time and let her know she is not forgotten. 
  • Consider sending them a small Christmas gift or “finals survival kit”.  Some of their favorite items are included on their biography sheet.
  • Please keep all our students in prayer during this difficult time. 

Moving forward, I look forward to continuing to work with returning Dorene Ingersol, as the financial consultant, as well as, welcoming my new committee members of Ruby Henry and Joyce Whittaker.

In January, the latest scholarship application will be posted on the website. 

Encourage anyone starting or continuing college next year to apply for a scholarship.  We want to bless and encourage as many young ladies as possible the application can be found online

Each association representative, and each current scholarship applicant will receive an application via email.  If you are unable to get an application through one of these channels, please contact me directly.  

Applications will be snail-mailed only when requested. Additionally, please make use of the Scholarship Calendar in your local churches and associations.

Please donate… Donate… DONATE!!  The scholarship program is funded solely by money received the previous year. 

If we receive little…we can bless little, but if we receive greatly…we can bless these young ladies greatly!

Respectfully submitted, Colleen Charsky

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