Scholarship … Fall 2022

by Joyce Barron

This year we didn’t have any responses.  We are praying for an overflow of applications for next year. 

One new suggestion that I spoke with our president about is to have a zoom meeting with potential applicants to review and help them with the paperwork.  I will send the scholarship application emails out the end of January.  Please ensure that the emails are distributed to your local churches. An invitation will go out two weeks later for the zoom meeting. The meeting will occur the end of February. Date (TBA ). We will repeat this again for the month of April. 

Please continue to support your current students. Receiving cards, text and gifts always lift spirits and are encouraging.  If you haven’t done so, adopt a student. Get the names of your youth attending school and send a gift, cards etc.  

Please keep all our students in prayer during these times. 

The scholarship application is posted on the website.  Additionally, please make use of the Scholarship Calendar also posted on the website. You will learn “fund raising” ideas to generate monies in your local churches and associations. scholarship calendar.

As a reminder the scholarship program is funded solely by money received the previous year.  It is important that we continue to donate to the scholarship fund. We want to be able to be a blessing to our young women. 

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Barron 

Chair-Scholarship Committee 

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