Scholarship … Spring 2017

Early in January I mailed 22 letters to Association Counterparts and 1 to Chairwoman for AB Girls, asking them to start putting out the word that the ABWM/NYS Scholarship forms were available for the 2017-2018 year.

I also requested they forward my letter to all their local Baptist church liaisons. There are times when for whatever reasons, information is not always forwarded as we would like. When this happens please feel free to contact me, and I will gladly send you anything you need.

In that letter, I asked each Liaison to check their church files to make sure that all the applications had the Deadline Date of June 1st and that when they gave out an application they made sure it included the Instructions and Checklist. These pages include very important and helpful information for the applicant, such as an itemized list of exactly what must be included with each application. I then stressed several times that all pertinent documents must be postmarked by June 1st in order for the applicant to be considered for scholarship. Good News! I have already received a request for an application for 2017-2018 from a girl in Syracuse.

Also in early January, I sent each 2016-2017 Scholarship Girl a letter to remind them that if they were continuing their education, they were welcome to reapply with us for the 2017-2018 school year. I included an Application, Instructions and Checklist for their convenience.

I also suggested they take advantage of the months in between to make sure they arranged for their three letters of recommendations and that I was looking forward to hearing from them before June 1st. I was very excited when I received two letters of recommendations from one of our girls in March, and on April 12th her application, Faith Statement, and her Financial information as well as her family’s. Only one recommendation letter to go.

When I gave my report at last Fall’s Board meeting, I made a suggestion to all the Associations that I would like to repeat.

When you plan your 2017 fall meetings I would like to suggest that you make them for the last two weeks in September and maybe as late as October.
Unless a girl plans to live at home, she is hardly ever able to find out her residential address on Campus, PO Box number, or dorm name and room number until she arrives at school. Therefore she is not able to send her Pen Sketch to me before she has that information.

When I receive it I then can forward it to each Association Counterpart ensuring that you will have your information for your meetings. (Or leave spaces in the booklets where addresses can be added after they are received.)

In closing I would like to thank Becky Walters for taking so much time to print the continuing story of Michelle DuMond, “A Scholarship Girl’s Dreams Coming True” on our website. I pray that it has helped stimulate interest in our program for those looking for a scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship Chairwoman, Jackie

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