Scholarship … Spring 2019

It is that time of year when we need to think of our graduating Seniors. We have two. Congratulations to Courtney Paris–Houghton College, Inclusive Childhood Education Major and Bianca Brown- Villa Maria College, Business Major.

Applications are due June 1. The applications are always available on the ABWM-NYS website. If you cannot access that, then feel free to call or email and I will send you one. Encourage young women in your church to apply. If you have any questions regarding qualifications, please contact me.

I had the best committee members. Thanks to Joyce Barron and Irene Ingram. I am excited that they are both remaining on the scholarship committee. I am hoping to meet in early July, so we can notify the recipients as soon as possible.

Additionally, please let me know if you have a change of officers. I send the association assignments in September before the new directory comes out. I can only go off of the information that I currently have.

If your Fall meeting is coming up and you have not received your information, please contact me. Sometimes, the student does not send back their biography (pen sketch) in a timely manner.

Additionally, please make use of the Scholarship Calendar in your local churches and associations. I have included a copy in this month’s Witness. It is also available on the website.

Please donate… Donate… DONATE!! The scholarship program is funded solely by money received the previous year. If we receive little…we can bless little, but if we receive greatly…we can bless these young ladies greatly!
Colleen Charsky

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