Scholarship … Spring 2020

by Colleen Charsky

This Spring has been challenging for many students and teachers at all levels.  Please keep all our Scholarship students in prayer. Three, of our four, scholarship recipients are seniors. The disappointment of not having that final sense of accomplishment as they walk across the stage and receive their diploma must be disheartening. Hopefully, they will be rescheduled, but it must be disheartening to have something they worked for to be so anticlimactic.

The same could be said with our potential future scholarship recipients.  The final semester of a high school career is usually filled with fun activities and recognition ceremonies that are seen as rites of passage.

There are things you can do for these students: 

In particular, if your scholarship girl is a senior, send her a graduation card to recognize her achievement and let her know she is not forgotten.  I would send it to the home address.

If you have a high school senior in your life, think of small ways to encourage them-texts or cards.  The parents of seniors in our town purchased small yard signs to recognize our graduating class of 2020.  You can even tie school color ribbons throughout the town to show support for these students.

The scholarship committee wants to make life easier for the new applicants, so this year we have modified the application process.

The application deadline has been extended from June 1 to July 1.

This year we are only requiring 2 letters of reference.  Not being physically present in school, can make it difficult to track down letters of reference.

Please keep all of our students, and any teachers and students you know, in prayer during this difficult time.  Encourage anyone starting, or continuing, college next year to please apply for a scholarship.  We want to bless and encourage as many young ladies as possible. 

The application can be found online

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