Secretary … Fall 2016

At our Fall Board Meeting held in October, the 2016-2017 AB Women’s Ministries of NYS Directory was available for our NYS Officers and Board Members, including Association Presidents and Honorary Board members.

Our annual directory contains lots of information as well as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. A way for us all to stay in touch.

Also included is information on our logo, our mission, our 2015-2017 Program Theme, 2016-2017 Mission Focus, our ABWM/NYS Special State Project, theme, special project, Scholarship Girls, International & National Missionaries assigned to NYS, ways to support our missionaries, as well as how to give to support our many ABWM opportunities.

I hope that you take time to familiarize yourself with this directory and that you find it useful to be shared within your association officers who then can share it with your local women’s groups and/or churches.

As secretaries, we have a very important task. Taking from a former secretary who listed some B’s, I feel it might be time to use this again – with a few changes:

Be aware of the importance of your task

Be a little ahead of time for the meeting

Be loyal to your church and your organization you serve

Be ready

Be the president’s aide

Be sure to check the state & national websites often &

Be-sides taking minutes, be involved

Be a responsible member

Thanks ladies for the jobs you do and the support you are giving to others through this very important position.

Blessings, Lorraine

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