Secretary … SEEing with God’s eyes … Fall 2015

by Lorraine Brownell

Our new theme is “SEE…” and as secretaries we are to be diligent in SEEing what needs to be gathered and recorded.

Perhaps some of you are new as secretaries of your group.  Sometimes it can be a scary task knowing that we are to be maintaining and managing the records of our group.  When we first seek God and through our daily devotions and prayers we can have the assurance that God will be leading us through the jobs that we face.

As I worked on the 2015-2016 Directory this past summer and fall, at times I felt was it never going to get done….but God blesses us in such wonderful ways.  Then not being sure where or how I was going to get the booklet printed, again God provided a way that I could not have imagined just a few weeks before and the cost was minimal.

One of our jobs is to keep up to date on all or our officers, board members, Association Presidents and Honorary Board Members mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, but things do change so I am asking that you please keep me informed of this pertinent information.

Sharing correspondence received is also an important task of the secretary, so I want to take this time to share those with you:

We received a letter of thanks from Rev. Dr. Cheryl Dudley, Regional Executive Minister for Metro NY, for our support of their efforts to operate a hospital in northern Haiti.  This was our special mission project for 2014-2015 and we raised $12,871.45.  She wrote, “Your contribution helps us together practice justice and mercy and affirm our belief that quality health care is not restricted to the few but is a right for all.  “Thank you” again for your faithfulness in stewardship that will make a difference in the lives of our sisters and brothers in Haiti.”

We received notice of two deaths: Margaret Lange, former honorary board member, and Jan Dewitt, former key note speaker.  Our thoughts go out to these families.

I had the joy of corresponding and hearing back from some of our honorary board members or former presidents.  These included notes from Minnie Beguin (now 95 and residing in Plattsburgh, NY), Luann Ketcham (NH), Sarah Hicks (GA), Gladys Herrick (PA), Gail Carlsen (NY & FL), Pearl Cunningham (NY), and Ruth Polgreen (FL).  They all spoke highly of their memories of our ABWM/NYS.

Our theme “SEE…” will give us the opportunity to spend two years focusing upon how we are SEEN by God, how we SEE God, and how we are called to SEE the world through God’s eyes.  May we all be willing to SEE with new eyes, to SEE clearly and SEE just what God has called us to do!

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