Secretary … Spring 2016

Greetings! If you were not at our convention – you missed a wonderful time of renewal, great messages (delivered by Christine Roush) providing much for us to ponder, fun, and great singing.

There was representation from 20 of our 23 associations – yay!! If you are reading this and are from Chemung, Niagara and Wayne – we missed you!!


It is that time of year again when I need to receive from each association your officers (names, addresses, phone numbers & email addresses – please make sure nothing has changed) and the names and city of the churches in your association.

The names & city of all of your churches is most necessary for our treasurer because sometimes she gets checks but she does not know which association they are in and having this information would clear up any confusion.

Each association should have received this form but if not, just send me (either by mail or email) all of your officers, their individual information and a list of all of the churches in your association. I need this information by June 30th.


I have one correction for the last directory:  Judy Forward’s email is incorrect on page 6. It should read forward_judith(at)

In closing I want to leave you with some words that kind of sum up the weekend of the convention:
Love God;
Love People;
Make Disciples.
Let’s SEE what God will have us do….do we trust He has a plan? Now it is up to us.
Do you see it?

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