Secretary … Spring 2017

by Lorraine Brownell

Happy Springtime! Although as I write this we are having some cooler temperatures and lots of rain. But this helps things grow and that is one thing I love about spring – new growth!!

Our convention theme this year was “Investing in God’s Resources”. We were challenged with “where does God want us and what does God want us to be doing.” This can be a challenge for us no matter what our age is.

Life is ever changing and with it we need to find the ways that God can use us and we can do His work.

It was a wonderful convention and one that has left me challenged to be seeking this next phase of my life doing whatever it is He desires.

At the convention, we had representation from 20 of our 23 associations. There were many first timers which was very exciting.

It is that time of year again when we need some information from each association. If your association did not get a form at the convention, just send us (either by mail or email) all of the following information. We need this info by June 30th.

Your officers (names, addresses, phone numbers & email addresses). Please contact all of your officers and make sure you they’ve not moved or changed their email or phone numbers. This will make our booklets correct and a more useful tool.

The above information should be sent to 3 of us: Lillian Cabral, President; Cherie Baker, “A Witness”; and myself.

The names & city of all of the churches in your associations sent to me as secretary. This is most necessary for our treasurer because sometimes she gets checks but she does not know which association they are in and having this information would clear up any confusion. I will pass this information on to Frankie Barton, our treasurer.

Cherie Baker would also like a list of your local presidents so that she can send them A Witness.

In closing let’s remember the words from Psalm 100:2, “Serve the Lord with gladness!” Let’s view our service to others as a real opportunity.

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