Special Project … Spring 2018

by Barbara Reese

2017-2018 Project Recap

The Special Project for 2017 has been “Stitch by Stitch” which was to furnish sewing machines, materials and training to help the women in Rwanda to have a means of supporting themselves and their children.

Our goal was $10,000. We raised $9,542.40 of this amount. Thank you to all who contributed to this project.

2018-2019 Project

For our 2018-2019 Special Project our goal is to raise $10,000 toward FOUR new refrigerators and purchase and relocate THREE hot water heaters in the cottages of the Murrow Indian Children’s Home in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

With God’s help and a little sacrifice I know we can reach and exceed this goal. If they receive more it will go toward the purchase of a commercial freezer.

The Murrow Home has been providing loving care for orphaned Indian children for over 100 years.

In 2016 they added a new ministry – a transitional project which helps the older children who have aged out of Foster care to develop the skills to provide for themselves and the spiritual strength to cope with the trials every day life.

It’s our privilege to be a small part of this!

Respectfully submitted, Barbara

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